Education in Ghana

Internet Café

Internet CafeNa’aba Akparibilla Internet Café is located on the same grounds as the Na’aba Akparibilla Medical Centre. In operation since March 2009, it provides up-to-date computers and a copy machine as well as low-cost Internet services. The Café also offers computer-related training courses. It provides a place for Ghanaians in the Upper East Region to connect to and share knowledge with the rest of the world. Another plus is the capability it provides for medical staff to share X-rays and other health information with physicians in the United States. And, the staff of the Internet Café have developed Information and Communications Technology programs that are now used in the local government schools. The center also now offers business services such as printing, photocopying, binding and lamination.

Soccer Literacy Program for Girls

Soccer LiteracyTraditionally in Africa, young girls would leave school at an early age to join their mothers and sisters in the daily chores. The most time consuming chore being locating and retrieving water for the day’s use. To this day, girls all over Africa are still at a disadvantage educationally. Although many languages are spoken in Ghana, English is the language of business. Our program encourages English proficiency by incorporating the beloved sport of soccer.
The courses run for three months and emphasize teamwork and confidence as well as English and physical fitness. We host 3 courses per year. Each session enrolls 15 middle school girls.
Each year in Roanoke, we partner with the Roanoke Star Soccer Club to host a soccer tournament. All proceeds benefit Kimoyo and we collect gently used soccer equipment to take to Ghana. At the last tournament in May of 2013, we collected 71 soccer balls 138 jerseys including 5 team sets, 55 pairs of cleats, 42 pairs of shorts, 28 shin guards, 72 socks and many more odds and ends. These items were taken to Ghana in July and joyfully received by the girls in our program. See you all again next year!

Education in Roanoke

After School Programs

Afterschool ProgramKimoyo LTD. offers educational programs in cultural diversity to the Roanoke City Schools and other organizations. These programs have three goals: to bring primarily African culture to life through history, storytelling, dance, music and art, thereby enhancing awareness and appreciation; provide resources for area elementary school teachers in meeting the Virginia Board of Education Standards of Learning with specific programs on the Mali, Ashanti, and Songue Kingdoms; and to help young people of the Roanoke Valley learn to appreciate their place in a world larger than their immediate neighborhood. Our education programs currently serve ten schools in the Roanoke Valley.
If you are interested in our education programs, please contact Marianne Fallen, at